Stay Safe With Our NEW No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Thanks to our inspiring new partnership with ThermoWorks, PRIMEtally seamlessly integrates with WAND Blue™, an FDA-cleared, bluetooth-enabled thermometer. This life-saving collaboration makes it even easier to use PRIMEtally to screen employees/visitors, measure accurately, and instantly document their COVID-19 temperature results.

Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer

PRIMEtally™ and WAND Blue™ make it remarkably easy to screen employees and guests for COVID-19 symptoms.

For added safety, hygiene and improved documentation, your company can now automatically screen the temperature of an employee or visitor in a matter of seconds.

Simply hold the WAND Blue™ thermometer about an inch away from the center of their forehead and press START. Seconds later you’ll have an accurate reading captured instantly in PRIMEtally. 

  • WAND Blue™ and PRIMEtally deliver proven accuracy when you need it most
  • Professional Class II medical device, FDA-Cleared*
  • WAND Blue seamlessly integrates with PRIMEtally for employee/visitor health screening
  • Easy-to-use, no complicated instructions
  • One-second readings
  • Suitable for temperature screening in hospitals, businesses, warehouses, schools, and physical examination centers
  • Gives accurate, consistent oral-equivalent results for all ages
  • High temperature alert and mute setting
  • Bright LED backlight

Now you can get all the benefits of PRIMEtally with the additional safety and accuracy of WAND Blue. For more information about how to purchase WAND Blue, please contact us

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