Put PRIMEtally to work for you.

When your company needs to designate employees to conduct screenings for COVID-19 symptoms, it not only creates a risk for those employees, but it also takes them away from the jobs that they were originally hired for. Which is why PRIMEtally is the perfect solution to ensure your employees and visitors always stay safe.

NOTE: Click here for information regarding OSHA ETS features available now in PRIMEtally.

Prescreen for symptoms.

Prior to or upon arrival at work, employees and visitors answer simple screening questions on their mobile device, tablet or desktop computers via the PRIMEtally website link.


View results instantly.

Once all the questions are answered and submitted, they will instantly receive one of the following results below.

The result is GOOD TO GO if they have no symptoms.

The result is CAUTION if they have symptoms but no fever.

The result is STOP if they have a fever.

Monitor data remotely

An alert is sent to the appropriate parties with a link to login and view the dashboard the moment an employee or visitor reports symptoms. A queue is created to hold onto alerts for the next fifteen minutes. You can monitor the dashboard to see results in real time.

Customize data to your needs.

The PRIMEtally™ report builder makes it easy to create custom filters, identify trends and narrow the data down to what’s most important to you. For example, in just a few clicks you can export a list of everyone that has reported a temperature above a specific threshold, has a cough, and has been in close contact with someone else that is symptomatic. Each employee record includes a field for the Employee ID, making it possible to cross reference exports from PRIMEtally with data from your current HR platform.

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